Record and stream your matches

– without a cameraman

The VEO Video Technology makes it easy to record your matches, analyze your practices and share your goals.

Easy recording

The VEO camera mount fits two action cameras. Place the mount on a tripod and record your match.

No need for a cameraman. 

The VEO video technology automatically recognizes ball and player movement on the pitch and creates full video production of your match. 

No need for manual video editing. 

Automatic Video Production

Never miss a match

The VEO platform provides access to all of  your favourite matches. Follow your team and share highlight with friends and family.

Review matches with the interactive viewer. It allows you to zoom and pan the full pitch, and focus on plays through the eyes of a coach.

Improve your team

Embed your sponsor's logo inside the video highlights. 

Activate your Sponsors

Spot new Talents

Get access to video collections of youth talents in all teams and divisions. 

Share your sport

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